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                   (Image above is of a postcard sent by Lon S. Burnam

                   to his parents when he was six years old. It was the 

                  inspiration for this site.)



 From Scurlock Family history Atlanta Constitution of Jan 5, 1913:

William Scurlock was born in North Carolina and married to Sarah Scurlock. He served in the American Revolution with the militia of that state. It is likely that William Scurlock received a bounty in that state (Revolutionary Bounties, Book 4) in 1784. He received a bounty as a resident of Baldwin County. He was a revolutionary pensioner and the records show that he was living in Alabama at the time. The father of William Scurlock was Joshua Scurlock. He made his will in Hancock county, Georgia. He mentions his children Agatha Watts, Thomas Scurlock, Elizabeth Scurlock, Daniel Scurlock, William James, Pressley Norman and made his sons William and Daniel his executors. In 1803 William Scurlock returned for taxes which he had to pay. Joshua Scurlock had 580 acres in Wiles County 1785 on Upton's creek. Joshua Scurlock was captain of (?) and added 624 acres in that county in 1815. In 1820 the entire family seems to have been living in Baldwin county. Sarah Scurlock died in a few months, their twin daughters Sarah and Polly being born after his death. Sarah was married to William Jacob Parker a few years later. Pressley Scurlock and his sons Jefferson and Eli took up land in Walton or Jackson county, west Florida.


I'm not positive who this person is.


"In researching and documenting our Tune family, I was also interested in the Y-DNA of our Tune family. I had my brother tested a few years ago and found our Tune family is confirmed to be in the Haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b5a, also known as R-SRY2627(also known as M167). The places of highest frequency for this group are Spain (esp. Catalonia), Western France, Cornwall, and Wales. This represents the Catalano-Gascon subclade of the Italo-Celtic group."

                                  from an e-mail from: Gloria J Tune to Johnathan David Tune





 William the Conqueror is my 33rd great grandfather. This is exciting for me because one of my favorite books is "The Wolf and The Dove" by Kathleen Woodwiss. It was set at the time of William the Conqueror's conquest over England. I named my daughter for "The Dove", Aislinn, in the book.

 My daughter was born the same year as Prince William and I've been very interested in his life, Princess Di and their family due to the coincidence of being born the same year and my naming my daughter, Aislon, from the Aislinn in the book and then Prince William being named William. It seemed interesting to me.




                                                       Gaye Lynette Burnam







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