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John Warren Bonine

John Warren Bonine (1837-1922) 
+ Sintha Ann Anderson (1844-1906)
   Married: 22 February 1863
   Gainsville, TEXAS
   by Rev. Jacob Dye

John Warren Bonine was a Confederate soldier,
serving 4 years under General Sterling Price.
His father was a Union soldier.
John Warren Bonine's cattle brand BO9.
Sintha was a housewife.
John W Bonine and Sintha Ann Bonine headstones.

Their Descendants Are:

* William Thomas 
   (W.T. ) Bonine
B: 12/13 December     
     Hunt Co. TX
D: 25 November 1948
     Socorro NM
    Buried in Pietown NM

John Rezen "Reese" Bonine
B: 5 February 1869
     Cook, TX
D: 29 April 1952
    Pietown, NM
    Buried in Pietown NM

Ader Annie Bonine
B: 15 July 1881
D: 31 March 1960
     Southland, TX
James Henry Bonine
B: 26 April 1866 (1865)
D: 28 February 1932    
     White Sulphur     
     Spring, MT
Robert Jefferson Bonine
B: 15 July 1873
D: 27 September 1876
    Pleasant Valley, TX
Mary Ida(Ider) Bonine
B: 20 June 1878
D: 2 September 1891
   Martha Co., Greer, OK
Perry Franklin Bonine
B: 10 March 1884
D: 1 November 1885
     Cilo, TX
Earl McNeal Bonine
B: 17 June 1888
D: 1 July 1913
     Emma TX

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